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So a bit about me! My name is Matt Cooper and I launched Evolve in 2019.


I have been in the health and fitness industry for over 13 years and during that time invested a lot of time and money furthering my knowledge and experience to offer all my clients the best possible service in the areas of health optimisation, physique development, rehabilitation, strength, mobility and flexibility.


I absolutely LOVE what I do! There is no better feeling for me than the reward my clients get from feeling better and looking better!


I have spent time working in many different gyms ranging from leisure centres to country clubs and a semi-private group training environment. I am now in the very fortunate position to have my own private personal training facility in Pocklington / York as well as being able to offer an online coaching service that allows me to coach anybody, anywhere!  

I operate a strict capacity on the amount of clients that I work with at any one time, so I can always ensure I offer the highest level of support and never over subscribe at the expense of my service. 

I have built a large portfolio of client transformations over the years with people from all different backgrounds and experience levels.


I like to laugh and have fun as well as deliver exceptional results so if you're looking for a silent rep counter , I am not the coach for you.

So, if you like what you've seen I would LOVE to hear from you! 

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