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Let's talk about stress.

stress as a health factor
Let's talk about stress

We need stress. Fact. If we didn’t have stress we would die .... so safe to say it’s pretty important!

But it’s chronic stress that can become a huge problem and will affect many things in the body which impact health and our ability to stick to any sort of plan when it comes to health, fitness and body composition.

There are many “stressors” that fill the tank on a day to day basis. It’s not all about your emotions folks! So don’t be so quick to say you’re not stressed just because you carry yourself in a calm and composed manner.

One of the primary roles of cortisol is to drive up blood sugar by pulling stored sources from the liver and muscles and also pointing you towards foods that will deliver that fast glucose!

We all know what foods they are! 🍫 🍩 🍟 😛

A few other things stress will cause are

😮 High heart rate

😮 High blood pressure

😮 Inhibited digestion

😮 Poor mental function

So you can see how running around with constant stress can be an absolute nightmare for getting results when your blood sugar is erratic and you are being steered towards the high calorie/high sugar foods ... not to mention a brain that doesn’t serve your decision making well and a poorly functioning digestive system that can leave you with IBS symptoms and a lack of nutrients and energy being pulled from your food.

So how do we dampen the stress response? 🤔

✅ Breathwork

✅ Meditation

✅ Journalling

✅ Walking

✅ Steady-state cardio

✅ Improving nutrition quality

These will all help to drain the tank of stress to give you a good balance to help improve your health body and mind!

Struggling to manage stress and just can’t seem to see how you can get results with such a full plate?

Reach out and let's take back control together.


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