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David Morris: 52 years old and no excuses.

I started the online coaching process so that I could be confident that what I did in the gym and through nutrition would result in the  body transformation goals I had set myself. 

From day 1 the information Matt has given me has been fantastic, each and every week I have seen proven improvements in body composition in what has really seemed like a simple process. 

The learning process of starting to understand what kind of difference daily/weekly calories, macros and the type of training has made to my physical and mental performance. Amazing that I am now very aware of this and will continue along this path.

When I have had questions or problems, Matt has been available through WhatsApp messages to clear up any point requested.


My weekly check-ins along with a 15 minute call has been the accountability I have needed to stay focused on the process.

Going from 18% to 9.2% Body fat within a 14 week period has been amazing. I’m proud to feel that, at my current age of 52, I’m in the best shape of my life.

I would highly recommend this program to all who want to improve their wellbeing, fitness, body composition and general standard of life. 


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